Проверка настроек домена

A ip: An IPv4 addresses in dotted decimal notation.

MX pri: Priority of mail exchanger. Lower numbers indicate greater priority. target: FQDN of the mail exchanger. See also dns_get_mx().

CNAME target: FQDN of location in DNS namespace to which the record is aliased.

NS target: FQDN of the name server which is authoritative for this hostname.

PTR target: Location within the DNS namespace to which this record points.

TXT txt: Arbitrary string data associated with this record.

HINFO cpu: IANA number designating the CPU of the machine referenced by this record.

os: IANA number designating the Operating System on the machine referenced by this record. See IANA’s » Operating System Names for the meaning of these values.

SOA mname: FQDN of the machine from which the resource records originated. rname: Email address of the administrative contain for this domain. serial: Serial # of this revision of the requested domain. refresh: Refresh interval (seconds) secondary name servers should use when updating remote copies of this domain. retry: Length of time (seconds) to wait after a failed refresh before making a second attempt. expire: Maximum length of time (seconds) a secondary DNS server should retain remote copies of the zone data without a successful refresh before discarding. minimum-ttl: Minimum length of time (seconds) a client can continue to use a DNS resolution before it should request a new resolution from the server. Can be overridden by individual resource records.

AAAA ipv6: IPv6 address

A6 masklen: Length (in bits) to inherit from the target specified by chain. ipv6: Address for this specific record to merge with chain. chain: Parent record to merge with ipv6 data.

SRV pri: (Priority) lowest priorities should be used first. weight: Ranking to weight which of commonly prioritized targets should be chosen at random. target and port: hostname and port where the requested service can be found. For additional information see: » RFC 2782

NAPTR order and pref: Equivalent to pri and weight above. flags, services, regex, and replacement: Parameters as defined by » RFC 2915.